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Les Mémoires

I’m eternally bonded to memories. That’s why I wanted to create a small collection dedicated to them. Les Mémoires. Bracelets and necklaces with small colourful gemstone beads and a pebble made out of brass, always with different and irregular shapes, representing a certain memory to bring always with you. On your wrist or at your neck. A memory that’s only ours and we don’t want to part with.


Each “pebble” is completely unique, with irregular shapes and lines, always different from each other. 


Memories have many different physical forms. Postcards, diary pages, old chewed pencils, wrinkled maps, small marbles, cork caps, old broken audiotapes, dried flowers, family jewellery, cinema tickets, shells, sand vials. Small pebbles


For me, memories often have the shape of a pebble. Every Summer I would put a fistful of pebbles in my luggage, and once at home I would find them there, as coming from a different time and world. They were there, connecting me to those carefree days of holidays. They turn into small time machines, because I associate them to a moment, a day, a face, a smell, a feeling, a taste, a song.

They remind me of the steps I’ve taken, what I felt, said, thought, and everything that let me become what I am now. 

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