Double half moon earrings, handmade in brass, with crystal quartz faceted drop gemstones. 
These aztec earrings have handmade earwires in brass, and they are nickel free.


PLEASE NOTE: this item is MADE TO ORDER. Please allow about 3-5 weeks to make it


Color and material: golden brass, with a slightly dark and antiqued finish made with the flame.

You will receive: ONE PAIR of earrings.


Earrings total length: about 5.5 cm (about 2 and 2/8 inches).


These half moon earrings have a tribal and aztec style, with a contemporary touch. Wear them if you are looking for a boho chic - ethnic chic style but with elegance. They are perfect for everyday but also for a night out or a ceremony, such as a wedding.

Crystal Therapy thinks that quartz purifies body, mind, souls and environment. It can "tune" positive energies, removing the frequencies created by negative thinking. It is thought to be a natural energizing, it can help to overcome strain and stress. (source:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The shape of each piece and the shades created by the flame on brass are slightly irregular since their handmade nature. 


These tribal half moon earrings are handmade by me with the metal smithing technique, working the brass by hand.


These aztec crystal quartz earrings are part of the "Moon paths" collection: boho and gypsy chic jewelry, inspired by the Moon, designed and handmade by me with the metal smithing technique. 



CUSTOM ORDERS are welcome: together we can "build" the jewel perfect for you! Contact me and I'll be happy to help you.



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--> This is a complete handmade creation: any imperfection is due to its handmade nature and it increases its value.
--> This photo is just a representative one: because of its complete handmade nature, the item may SLIGHTLY change in colour and shape. 
--> The colors may sligthly vary because of your screen settings 

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Double half moon earrings, brass and crystal quartz drop gemstones