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The Fire Dance earrings feature tribal chic shapes handmade in brass, dark red garnet and marble red jade semiprecious stone beads, and red tassels. Also the ear wires are handmade, using brass wire.
Nickel free.


You will receive: ONE PAIR of earrings.
Please note that colors may slightly vary depending on your screen settings.


PLEASE NOTE: this item is MADE TO ORDER. Please allow about 3-5 weeks  to make it.


These gypsy chic statement earrings are inspired by ancient times when tribal people used to live in harmony with the wild lands their home, and Mother Nature. 
It's a boho tribal ornament for those strong women who feel a flame inside them, a flame of passion and love to fight for those things that have a great value to them: the Earth, the Nature in all its expressions, their Sisters, the people they love the most. 
The shapes of these long dangle tassel earrings embody the strength of each woman and the deep meaning of power, dedication and belonging to a "tribe" of Sisters who love each other and fight for those things that matter the most.

To find out more about the Ancient Queens collection, read below under "Collection".


The other pieces of the collection:
-Element Water: The River Flow Necklace 
-Element Air: The Wind Whistle earrings
-Element Earth: Earth's Heart necklace - Rock's Soul earrings

IMPORTANT NOTE: The shape of each piece and the shades created by the flame on brass are slightly irregular since their handmade nature. 


These long earrings in red and gold are handmade by me with the metal smithing technique, working the metal by hand.


These tribal chic tassel earrings are part of the Ancient Queen collection.
Ancient Queens is a capsule collection of necklaces and earrings, inspired by an imaginary tribe of warrior women, devoted to Mother Earth and her Elements, keepers of ancient magics and buried treasures. They live in wild lands, that they protect fiercely and proudly, living in sisterhood and in harmony with the Nature: the animals their allies, the rocks, the dirt, the rivers, the vegetation, and all things that are their home. It’s a celebration of an ancient power to keep and shield and look after, of a magic coming from an old time, in wild places they live in harmony and respect with. It’s a coming back to a visceral past, vibrant with life, where the human presence dances weaved together with Mother Nature and with forces that are old as the world.
The four pieces of the collection are inspired by and dedicated to the Four Elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire.


CUSTOM ORDERS are welcome: together we can "build" the jewel perfect for you! Contact me and I'll be happy to help you.



VERY IMPORTANT: please, read very carefully all information BEFORE buying!
Thank you so much.

--> This is a complete handmade creation: any imperfection is due to its handmade nature and it increases its value.
--> This photo is just a representative one: because of its complete handmade nature, the item may SLIGHTLY change in colour and shape. 
--> The colors may sligthly vary because of your screen settings 

--> Feel free to contact me for any question.

Thanks for your visit!

Fire Dance earrings, red tassel tribal earrings, garnet and jade


    Ready to ship pieces, I'll ship your order usually in 3/5 days (except festive days).

    Made to order pieces: they need more time because I make them from scratch, usually between 3-5 weeks: contact me for more information or if you need your order earlier: I'll do my best to help you.

    SHIPPING TIME: Shipping inside European Union may take between 7-15 business days; outside EU it may take about 10-25 days (maybe even before). In any case, it depends from Posts and from customs, and not from me.

    CUSTOM FEES: Some Countries may require a custom fees. I'm not responsible for the amount that the Custom may require to you.

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