Pearl dangle earrings in sterling silver with delicate white olive freshwater pearls. Silver has been worked with the reticulation technique, which gives the metal a beautiful irregular, rough texture, making them unique and almost alive. 
They're one of a kind, and entirely handmade by me.

You will receive: ONE PAIR of earrings.

Earrings total length: about 4.8 cm (about 1.5 inches).

An old trunk found on a ship wreck, encrusted with corals, broken shells and seaweeds. Some mermaid's ornament lost and found among the rocks, on that wild beach's end, brought there by the waves. A relic of a lost, antique love, from a blurry and forgotten past.
The rough, irregular shapes and texture of these one-of-a-kind earrings make me dream about a thousand stories, whispered secrets and made up memories. They give me feelings of uniqueness and preciousness. The reticulation of the metal gives always different, wonderful results. That's what makes them one of a kind, and never reproducible. Exactly like the one who will wear them.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The shape of each piece and the shades created by the flame on the metal surface are slightly irregular since their handmade nature. 


These organic, irregular and asymmetrical pearl earrings are handmade by me with the metal smithing technique, working the metal by hand.
They are one of a kind, for the nature of their making process. I used a technique called “reticulation”: the flame on the surface leads the metal close to the melting, creating a “dance” of material, that moves and changes every time in a different way, making it wonderfully wrinkly and rough when you touch it. For this reason, the shapes and the results are always different and uniques.


CUSTOM ORDERS are welcome: together we can "build" the jewel perfect for you! Contact me and I'll be happy to help you.