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Welcome to the new website! Let's celebrate!

Photo by Berni Photography

photo by Lorenzo Berni Photography for PetiteFraise Jewelry

Hello and welcome!

After a lot of work, I'm proud to introduce you my brand new website.

I'm Maria and I am the designer and maker behind PetiteFraise Jewelry. Find out more about me and my jewelry in my About page, or browse the photos of my different jewelry collections. Something has to be fixed and completed, but I'm very happy with the result! It will be updated often, so stay tuned!

To celebrate with you, I would like to offer you a discount code to get 10% off on your order in my Etsy shop; it is valid until Sunday 17th July. The code is WEBSITE2017. Type it on the right od the cart before check out :)

It's not a case that I'm releasing my website during full moon: this moon phase is about great energy, activity, opportunity and development. It's about birth and creativity, it symbolizes a moment of greater femininity.

Have a look at my moon inspired jewelry: here you can browse three different galleries of my Moon Paths collection :)

Thank you for visiting!


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