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My first months in London as a jewelry maker

Hello friends!

It's the first day of August and maybe many of you are enjoying Summer vacations. But I think it's now time to make a short recap of my first months here in London as a jewelry maker and designer.

As you may know, I moved here in UK from Milan in Italy this Spring, to start a new life and to "open my horizons". I needed to "step out of my comfort zone", to know new places, people, things. So here I am!

In these last few months:

-I visited beautiful places in London

(click on the pictures to see them bigger and read the descriptions)

-I found a wonderful co-working workshop where to work at my jewelry and know new lovely, talented, creative people

(click on the pictures)

-I worked on many new jewelry pieces

(click on the pictures)

-I started working with wholesales and new retailers

(click on the pictures)

-I shipped many lovely packages to many different countries

(click on the pictures)

I can definitively say that I feel happy and lucky about all the "road" until now! Can't wait to see what's next :)

Have a happy August!

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