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Wild, free and... mermaid



"It was very early in the morning. The sun was rising in that moment: warm and vibrant shades of pink and lilac painted the sky and the surface of the sea, changing every seconds. It was all very quiet: she was alone on the beach, excepting some seagulls running around in the sand; the only one sound was produced by the waves on the shore and on the bottom of the small boats anchored not far away. In that instant she felt so deeply wild and free... and she promised herself that she will always be".*

August, in this moment many of you are on a beach or on vacations. For me, Summer holidays at the seaside are essential for my wellness. They nourish my body and soul. I love discovering a new place every year... but it's not always possible, like this year ;) luckily my imagination can do almost anything, and so here is a post full of inspiration... the same inspiration that makes me create the Seaside series, a handmade jewelry collection dedicated to the ocean's waves and its wonderful sea creatures 💗🐚 discover my latest pieces in this post: jellyfish earrings, shells and seahorses necklaces, shells for your ears, starfishes bracelets... and maybe you'll also run into a mermaid...

*This text is written by me, as all the textes in this page and in this website, unless differently specified.

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Starfish bracelet in red - starfish bracelet in green

Source: 1 - 2 - 3

Starfish necklace - jellyfish earrings - waves and starfish earrings

Source: 1 - 2 - 3

Starfish necklace - starfish earrings - mermaid necklace - seahorse and starfish necklace

Source: 1 - 2 - 3

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