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The charm of the solar eclipse

Today Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be able to see an eclipse of the sun.

As you know, I'm deeply fascinated by the outer space, the universe, the planets... and the eclipse doesn't make exception. Two necklaces from "Moon Paths" collection are inspired by this beautiful and charming event.

Solar eclipse necklace, brass & black onyx gemstones

This mystic and celestial necklace is inspired by the solar eclipse and has a simple boho chic look. The small black onyx and gold glass beads suggest the idea of the outer space dotted with stars. I love to think that, during solar eclipses, sun and moon meet and hug, and we'll never know which words they whisper each other, like the author Sergio Bambarén narrates in the book "Tales from the Heavens".

More pictures of the Solar eclipse necklace, brass & black onyx gemstones

There are many legends and tales about eclipses.

My favorite is the one by the people of Batammaliba, living in Togo and Benin. They believe that during eclipse the Sun and the Moon argue, but the people encourage them to make peace. They see eclipse as an occasion to speak and leave behind disputes and resentment. (source: National Geographic ). I love this legend, I think it's very poetic and different from the believes of other cultures, where eclipse is considered a negative and frightful event.

Solar eclipse necklace, gold bronze, orange carnelian and quartz gemstones

This solar eclipse necklace is handmade in gold bronze, with orange carnelian and quartz gemstones. Some of the stones have the shape of tiny moons. In this mystic necklace the clasp is handmade by me in gold bronze wire.

Its colors remind the shades of the moon and sun, and sometimes also the sky during the eclipse.

And what about you? Do these events charm you? Do you know some beautiful legends about the solar eclipse?

A depiction of a total eclipse that occurred in May 12, 1706. Courtesy The Library of Congress. Found on

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