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Ammonite necklaces: treasures from millions of years ago

Ammonites are maybe the best known fossils. Do you know that, in medieval Europe, they were thought to be petrified snakes, and called "serpentstones"? And that, through the times, they have been the inspiration of so many different artists?

I found this ammonite and some others, hailing from Madagascar, in a pretty shop here in London. I made a setting that is like a hug and I created a necklace. I've also a couple slightly bigger, which I bought some months ago in Milan. These shells of mollusc animals, extinct millions of years ago, coming from very far worlds, charm me so much.

The brass wire hugs it, and a piece of brass matches it, its shapes reminding a small pebble, a piece of rock, like a gift from our Earth.

Treasures that travel through time and become amulets.

This ammonite necklace in brass is in my Etsy shop here.

{On the right you can see two ammonites I still have, if you want a custom piece of jewelry :) }

Speaking of custom jewelry, I made an ammonite necklace + an ammonite keychain for a special customer: Chiara, the owner of the amazing b&b I Cucali in Porto Recanati (MC) in Central Italy.

The keychain made out with one of the bigger ammonites bought in Milan.

A small fossil ammonite from Madagascar, set and assembled in sterling silver. An amulet coming from a far far era... just think, this shell and its inhabitant must be lived along with dinosaurs!

The pictures of her keychain and necklace that Chiara, the owner of I Cucali B&B, posted on her Instagram gallery.

And you? Do you like fossil ammonite jewelry? :)

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