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PetiteFraise @ GLAD-VAR exhibition, Arteria Shop, Lancaster

Here we are, with the first post of 2018! Happy new year, my friends!

These 365 brand new days start well, thanks to the fact that in a couple of days I'm taking part with my PetiteFraise Jewelry in an exhibition starting in a couple of days!

It's the GLAD-VAR exhibition, running from 11th January to 12 May at Gallery 23, in the Arteria Shop in Lancaster.

The presentation of the ehibition tells us that "There is something about the anticipation of spring that fills you with optimism. New life blossoms all around you and we are rewarded with lighter evenings and the prospect of a brighter day! With “GLAD – VAR” we wish you a “HAPPY SPRING” with a collection of artisan creations celebrating the change of the season. The show is a joyful mix of art and craft to uplift and inspire".

I created a brand new collection precisely for this exhibition. All the images, the name and the explanation of the collection, and the listings in my Etsy shop, will be revealed soon :)

Meanwhile, a preview with a couple of pictures I recently released in my Instagram gallery.

Leaf bracelets, brass + gemstones

Silver birch leaves necklaces, brass + gemstones

Curious for what's coming next? Stay tuned! ;)

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