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Fragments, uniqueness from scraps

Fragments” has been in incubation for about 3 years. There are some projects that need a long time before coming to life, and this is one of those! I’m very fond of Fragments, because it’s about values that are important to me, such as re-use and reduction of the waste, and seeing beauty where it’s hard to see it. And creating beautiful things out of this.

The “Fragments” series tells about beautiful shapes, coming to life from something that seems, at first sight, a scrap, but quite the opposite, it holds beauty and uniqueness. After cutting my moons, leaves and all the other shapes I design for my jewelry collections, it’s normal to have some metal scraps. Sometimes they are just the right dimensions to be… turned into something else :) In their irregularity, they often have beautiful and harmonious shapes, that seem to shout their will to be transformed: I take them as they are, sometimes I cut the corners if they are too sharp, et voilà: ready to become unique pieces of jewelry, never alike one to each other, reminding nature’s shapes (pebbles, for example), or abstract, geometrical lines, with their own magic.

The “Fragments” series tells about beautiful shapes, coming to life from a scrap. About re-use and reduction of wastes. About uniqueness and wonder found right there, where you didn’t think to find any. For the one who chooses it and wears it, each piece is unique and brings a deep and personal meaning. A memory, a sentiment, a feeling, a desire, a secret dream. A loved one, a face. A thought, a hope. Each piece is unique, as unique as the one who wears it.

I start with this series of four bracelets, all one of a kind, made from brass pieces reminding of small pebbles, and vintage glass beads (or vintage resin, for the coral orange bead).

Blue, emerald green, mint green, coral orange. I love each of these colors and I’m sure that each bracelet will call its own owner. They are unique pieces. You can find them in my Etsy shop, here.

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