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Alma Series, gypsy necklaces for gypsy souls

After about one year from its creation, the first pieces of the Alma Series (from Spirit of Earth collection) are finally available in my Etsy shop!

What is Alma Series about?

"Alma" means “soul” in Spanish. This series is inspired by gypsy, bohemian atmospheres. It’s dedicated to an independant woman with a nomad soul and a wild heart, a woman that loves dancing bare foot and laughing with her girl friends, or enjoying some "alone time" watching a sunset on a terrace with a glass of wine. It's a woman that wants to feel good in her own body and soul, and who's not afraid of being 100% herself, everyday.

While creating these pieces, I was imagining wild happy dances in front of a bonfire, free hair in the wind, laughs and light hearts with your best girl friends.

I was thinking about a boat trip on the river, with colorful curtains protecting you from the sun, fresh infusions of tea and fruit, listening to an old record player, water flowing below you. Or at wintertime, during an intimate indoor concert with live music, surrounded by your best friends, on a night out in your town or on a weekend getaway, maybe in Berlin, or Barcelona, or Praga!

I also dreamt about a grey morning in October, when the only thing that can cheer you up is an escape, a getaway... A last minute ticket, train or plane, just choose! I chose Paris, its warm Autumn colors against the grey clouds, the scent of croissants and quiche Lorraine in its streets. Walking the hill towards Montmartre and stopping in a lovely café, arriving on the top and enjoying the breathtaking view of the city, look! The Tour Eiffel, there! And then running down again, taking the subway and arriving at Notre Dame, taking the bateau mouche on the Seine and breathing the cool air outside. And then walking on the river side, waiting for the sun to come out and buying an old book from the bouquinistes... at the end of the day wondering "staying or coming back home?" Just decide, it's up to you...

How lovely dreaming is? It just brings us wherever we want to be…

Imagining stories and situations while designing and creating my jewelry helps me to focus on what I want to communicate with my work. To focus on what kind of people I want to reach with my imagination. And to give shape to the ornaments I create.

I’ve always been wild at heart, with big dreams and a great will to see the world, for real but also through books and imagination. Daydreaming is always been my salvation during tough times, and it helped me arriving where I am, and where I will arrive day by day. This is what I want to say with my jewelry: never stop wandering, never stop dreaming, never stop learning, never stop being curious, never stop pushing yourself a bit further. There’s a whole world to be known, out there.

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