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Autumn leaves. Leaf-Life collection grows

Today come with me, I’ll bring you for a picnic on a carpet of colorful leaves. We’ll spread a blanket on the ground and we’ll wrap ourselves inside our big scarves, savouring roast chestnut, walnut muffins and chocolate cake. We’ll drink from our flasks some hot Earl Grey tea and ginger and lemon infusion. Later, before the night falls, we’ll enjoy a walk on the riverside, until the air will be too cold: then we’ll run into the cottage to get warmed up in front of the wood stove, reading a book and cooking risotto… ♥️

Walk in the wood, Valtellina, Italy

September 2018

Last September, me and my Lorenzo finally indulged ourselves with a total relax week in the nature, among the italian Alpi Orobie Valtellinesi. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw some shots from those enchanted places.

We arrived a Tuesday evening at sunset, the mountains and the meadows and the stone buildings tinted in pink. Silence was a din of cicadas. Still, it was quiet. That is a happy place 💗

Those amazing and quiet days walking in the woods, eating good italian food and relaxing, gave us a lot of much needed energy and inspirations, and I came back to London full of ideas and eagerness!

I poured all that inspiration in the new pieces of the Leaf-Life collection, in its Autumn version.

The “Leaf - Life” collection is dedicated to trees and leaves, and celebrates the vitality of Nature and the variety of colors and shapes with which it reveals itself on our Earth. For Autumn, Leaf-Life grows, welcoming new warm and embracing colors and new designs to wear.

Left: Horse Chestnut leaf necklace; Right: English Oak leaf pendant

Both available in my Etsy shop

Left: Sycamore leaf post earrings with carnelian ; Right: English Oak leaf earrings with green aventurine

Both available in my Etsy shop

I mainly chose gemstones such as garnet, carnelian and red jasper. Dark orange and dark red: the tones of the earth, of the fireplace’s embers, of the fallen leaves, of a hot tea cup, of the resin and amber. Shades celebrating Autumn and its scents, shades that live their glorious moment in this period, but that I love to wear even in Winter, to warm up the cold and dark days, and in Spring and Summer, because they remind me of the honey made by the bees in these months and of the hot sunsets on the sea horizon.

And last but not least, I couldn’t forget about the moss’ and undergrowth’s green, with my beloved aventurine gemstone :)

Green aventurine earrings with English Oak leaf, and Silver Birch leaf necklace with green gemstones

Both available in my Etsy shop

Speaking of leaves, for this small Autumn series I chose:

Sycamore: in some areas in Wales, people thought that this tree would keep the fairies at bay; Native Americans believed it was a tree of magic and mystery and they called it the “ghost of the forest”.

Horse Chestnut: Ancient Greeks associated it with Zeus, fertility, abundance and good fortune.

English Oak: powerful symbol of might and endurance. Common feature in many mythologies, it’s associated with a wide range of deities such Zeus and Thor. Its Latin name robur means “strength”. The Celts believed the Oak to be a tree of sacred knowledge. Today, the Oak is known to support more wildlife species than any other native tree.

Left: Sycamore leaf tassel earrings with carnelian; Right: red jasper ring

Both available in my Etsy shop

Autumn leaves "frozen" in brass for you to wear and carry with you all the time, like amulets to safeguard.

If you feel an inner deep connection with the Earth and Mother Nature, their seasons and gifts, then these are the ornaments that you can keep with you all year long. The gemstone beads seem like tiny berries, fruit of our Earth. The leaf is a powerful symbol of the Nature that keep us alive producing oxygen for us to breath and live.

Sycamore leaf post earrings with carnelian

Available in my Etsy shop

These new pieces, with their Art Nouveau inspirations, are perfect ornaments for Autumn. If, like me, you couldn't wait for October to come, with its leaves carpets, cozy cardigans, hot teas, warm chestnuts and apple pies, this is the jewelry piece for you. Its colors will wrap you in the most romantic season of all.

You can wear them for your walks in the park on a sunny cool morning, or during a tea time date with your best friends in the coziest tea shop in town, or for exploring new wild places during a weekend getaway.

Wear them with a floral maxi dress and a cozy cardigan, or match them with some velvet accessories (I love velvet dresses and shoes!). Or with a rust color jumper and maxi trousers, like these ones by Carolina Emme.

Or maybe, over a cozy maxi sweater or a woollen dress and leather boots.

Their earthy tones can warm you up in the cold Autumn and Winter days, or remind you of stunning sunsets in a pine grove near the sea during Summer.

They can be worn as Autumn accessories, but their warm colors can stay with you for all the four seasons: just think about the embers in the fireplace or in the stove during Winter, or the precious honey in Spring, or the sunny soils in Summer.

They will be your nature amulets to treasure and keep with you forever.

Where to find the Leaf-Life jewellery:

In my Etsy shop in the Leaf-Life section In the Leaf-Life gallery on the website

In the first blog post about Leaf-Life collection, with its introduction and explanation.

Mushroom in the wood, Valtellina, Italy

September 2018

Autumn in London, October 2018

Into the wood, Valtellina, Italy

September 2018

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