Find the enchantment in your everyday - inspirations and a wishlist to surround yourself with magic

October 30, 2018

Park in North London, October 2018


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Have you ever dreamt, as a child, of having magical powers? Of preparing potions reading the ingredients on dusty tomes, or reciting complicated spells from fragile parchments? Of surrounding yourself of scented candles and crystals, and forming magic circles? Of observing the stars movements and the moon phases from a tall stone tower, with the only company of a cat or an owl?


I have. My imagination has always been fed with wonderful enchanted books - above all, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, His Dark Materials, The Mists of Avalon - with cartoon as The Sword in the Stone, and tv series like Charmed and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I used to read and watch and meanwhile I dreamt (and also used to write!) of living similar adventures and of having magical powers, that obviously I would use for helping other people.


Growing up, that kind of image never abandoned me and influenced my adult self and my work: see all my lunar and Nature inspirations in my jewellery, my love and wonder for our Earth, and the strong belief that, when women gather in sisterhood (and in general, all human beings regardless of the genre), can do big and amazing things.




For this reason I wanted to create a list of inspirations, illustrations and artisanal products for those people who, like me, always try to find a bit of magic in the everyday life, and want to surround themselves with them.


This post is just the Part 1: the list is too long for just one post!


Lady Viktoria




The illustrations of Lady Viktoria, @Ladytor on Instagram, telling stories of apprentice witches, magical potions, enchanted forests, fairies, old legends and mermaids. I love all of them!



Carolina Emme




Carolina Emme makes the perfect clothing to let us wear a lot of style, comfort and all our magical powers! <3 I love all her collections!

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 Foto Lorenzo Berni


Amulets, ornaments and talismans must be in the list: moons, hands and leaves and all the sky to wear… obviously by PetiteFraise :)

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