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Enchanted pendants: reticulated silver, labradorite and amethyst

There are some things that make you sigh for love and the heart beat fast. One of these is the silver that melts and creates waves and wrinkles and shapes, always different, under the breath of the fire, when you let it work. And then the stones and the crystals, their colors, their reflections when hit by the light. Charming, they hold a spark of magic.

Sterling silver and faceted labradorite beads

One kind of love I know very well it’s the matter changing and transforming under my hands, an enchantment that gives life to new pieces of me... my jewellery.

When I let the flame flow on silver, and I see the metal getting liquid and forming waves always different, I’m totally charmed and I would stay and stare at it for hours. Reticulation is a magical process making the surface of the silver always different and unique.

Today I introduce you two new pendants made with this technique, that I love a lot because it always gives unpredictable results.

In their uniqueness lays their preciousness.

Sterling silver and faceted amethyst drop in deep purple

Completely in sterling silver with semiprecious stones, they are simple ornaments that catch the gaze and enlighten your look. They seem to instill a spark of magic: the same that melts the silver and creates those beautiful textures on the metal’s surface. Also, I don’t know if you can feel it, but they seem to me like enchanted pendants, calling fairies and sprites of Nature if you shake them a bit… but only if you believe in fairies (and in the magic of the woods!)

You can find them both in my shop:

In this post from last year you can see the first pieces I made with this technique.

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