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Talented designers & makers: La mia casa nel vento

After a long time, finally the column “Talented Designers & Makers” is back! A small corner of my blog dedicated to makers, artisans and designers that I deeply love. Today we do a great come back with “La mia casa nel vento”, that translated in English is “My home in the wind”, an italian brand of natural and organic perfumes. I know and I’ve been virtually following Maria, the heart and “nose” behind it, for a long time now, and I’ve been enchanted by her work “at first sight”. She has a marvellous way to tell and talk about one of the most difficult senses to describe: the sense of smell. Maria creates botanical perfumes that are much more than just “perfumes”, they are real experiences involving much more than that. Throughout Maria’s words, pictures and perfumes you’ll be able to “see” the wonderful italian lands from where the ingredients for her perfumes come, to “smell” the bergamot and the jasmine and all the essences she uses in her work, and “feel” on your skin the warm sun of Southern Italy.

Maria’s work is like a love story, and today I’m happy to help you discover it.

La mia casa nel vento’s mission is "Celebrating nature, offering olfactive points of view, related to the territory".

With Maria’s words: “The inspiration is always connected to the territory. From my window I see the beautiful scenery of Etna volcano, which over the centuries has inspired myths and legends. I live right on the Ionian Coast of Calabria, in a unique natural environment. The coast is also called "Jasmine Riviera", the name given because of the rich and traditional cultivation of this beautiful flower, with its intoxicating scent, precious and inimitable”.

Discover La mia casa nel vento:

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