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Who made your jewellery? I did!

Fashion Revolution’s week is now over: but we all should go on with our revolution all year long. This year too I want to bring my small, humble contribution to spread this global movement, born after a terrible tragedy and raised greatly in the last few years. Last year I wrote a post (you can read it here) where I explained what it is about and I made a list of simple ways to make the difference, each one of us, even with small gestures and behaviours.

This year I want to answer to one of the questions asked by the Fashion Revolution: “Who made my jewellery?” The movement asks the brands more clarity and transparency, suggesting to everyone to buy clothing, accessories and jewellery from those who “put their face on it”, who’s honest with the customers about the origin of their products, who produces in an ethic way (both towards the environment and the employees). Again, it suggests to prefer the reuse and vintage, or artisans and small businesses, who often work in small teams (or as “one-man-show”), with small budgets, in their own country, and with their income they support themselves and their families.

So here I am, officially introducing who’s behind PetiteFraise: only me, Maria 32 y.o., born and raised among Milan, Monza & Brianza in Northern Italy. I studied Foreign Languages & Literatures and I’ve a great passion for designing and making jewellery ✨ In April 2017 I moved to London because I was craving for a “shake” from my everyday, I needed to put my nose outside my universe and challenge myself into a new adventure.

Me now. London, april 2019

Like all children, I've always loved crafts and handmade, and I never stopped. My art teacher from my primary school taught us many techniques, such as cross stitching, glass decoration with glass paints, working with clay, and many others... and thank to her I totally fell in love with crafting! Oh and also thank to my mom, who has always sewn clothing for herself and us :)

Growing up I went on crafting: I learned sewing cushions, and dresses for my dolls, I made bracelets with seed beads and then gave them as gifts to my friends, I made découpage, candles, I sewed ornaments with felt and fabrics... and so on!

Then, in 2007, during my first year at university, I got into polymer clay and I started selling my jewellery. At that time I made jewellery with miniature food and cute characters such as animals and matrioskas.

Since then my style evolved a lot, and now here I am!

Now I work mainly with the metal smithing technique: I make jewellery with metals, in particular with brass and sterling silver. I personally design the ideas, then transfer it on the metal, cut it using a jeweler saw, I hammer, heat it with fire and finish it. Besides hammers and the flame I often use many other tools. Then I assemble the final piece. I make jewellery pieces that are like amulets bringing magic into the everyday, ornaments designed and made by hand by me in brass and silver, with beautiful semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls and quality glass beads.

I’m super curious, a gypsy soul but rooted in my origins, I love discovering and exploring different places, cultures, eras. I want to see the world, but I love exploring and find beauty close to home as well ♥️

I’m a bit of a witch inside, not because I make potions or recite spells (I wish! I’m still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts and I know it will come someday), but because I look for and find magic everywhere and everyday around me.

My inspirations come from art, cultures from all around the world, from the universe and the moon, from the infinite variety of Nature and from music. I have a big passion for food (Italian especially, but I also love Turkish, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish. Mediterranean diet is definitely my favourite!). At home and in the studio I love being surrounded by scented candles, crystals, music, art postcards and prints, and inspiring objects.

My mantra is: “Every road is a ray of light” (Coldplay).

Lorenzo Berni, a talented fashion photographer who happens to be also my life companion, is the eye behind the modeled pictures of my jewellery. Oh and the model, usually, it’s me :)

Lorenzo also took the photos of me at the bench that you can see in this post, about three years ago, when we were still living in Milan in Italy, I had a short bob and my studio was at home.

Together we love to explore London, the UK, Italy and the world, listening to the music, dancing, laughing about silly things and cooking (especially pizzoccheri and polenta taragna, typical recipes from Valtellina in Northern Italy. We love those places and we go back every time we can!).

I hope you enjoy this little “trip” discovering a bit more about me. If you have any further questions about things you’d like to know, contact me here or drop me a message via email and I’ll be happy to answer! (I could also expand this post with more information!).

See you soon and happy Fashion Revolution to us all!


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