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New "Ancient Queens" capsule collection

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A new small collection is here, and the inspirations that bring it to life are wild lands, ancient tribes, Sisters warriors, buried treasures, magic to shield and an harmonious life with Nature

Initially it will be featuring just four pieces: each of them represents one of the four Elements.

The main characters, together with tribal chic shapes, are the tassels: made with cotton (for the earrings) or chains (for the necklaces).

I really loved matching lines and colors, stones and fabric, in a vibrant dance made of suggestions!

Today the first three jewels are here: the element Fire with the “Fire Dance” earrings; the element Air with the “Wind Whistle” earrings; and the element Water with the “River Flow” necklace.

The element Earth, the most “statement” and “bold” piece, will be coming next Autumn!

23-09-19 Update: the Element Earth pieces are available! Find them out here

What is this collection about?

Ancient Queens” is a capsule collection of necklaces and earrings, inspired by an imaginary tribe of warrior women, devoted to Mother Earth and her Elements, keepers of ancient magics and buried treasures. They live in wild lands, that they protect fiercely and proudly, living in sisterhood and in harmony with the Nature: the animals their allies, the rocks, the dirt, the rivers, the vegetation, and all things that are their home. It’s a celebration of an ancient power to keep and shield and look after, of a magic coming from an old time, in wild places they live in harmony and respect with. It’s a coming back to a visceral past, vibrant with life, where the human presence dances weaved together with Mother Nature and with forces that are old as the world.

The four pieces of the collection are inspired by and dedicated to the Four Elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire.

And now I’m happy to introduce you the first three jewels!


These gypsy chic statement earrings are a tribal ornament for those strong women who feel a flame inside them, a flame of passion and love to fight for those things that have a great value to them: the Earth, the Nature in all its expressions, their Sisters, the people they love the most.

Their shapes embody the strength of each woman and the deep meaning of power, dedication and belonging to a "tribe" of Sisters who love each other and fight for those things that matter the most.


These dangle tassel earrings tell old stories about the whisper of the wind among the trees, caressing all beings and creatures and giving them strength and power and breath. Stories about proud battles to defend and shield the lands and the places Mother Nature gave the people to live in, with respect and love. About tribes that are like big families and live together having each other's back, giving all theirselves to protect each other.

The shape of the brass elements remind of a arrow head or a shield.


This tribal chic pendant necklace in golden brass and blue semiprecious stones celebrates the wilderness and the strength of the waters of the rivers, the purifying power of their flow, that pure energy generating life that water brings in itself, together with its power of constant transformation.

Stay tuned! The necklace dedicated to the Earth Element is coming soon!

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