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Ancient Queen: Element Earth jewels

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Some months ago I launched a new small capsule collection inspired by ancient tribes of women warriors living in sisterhood in wild lands, an harmonious life with Nature: the Ancient Queens collection. (click to read the post about it)

Each piece of the collection is dedicated to one of the Four Elements.

You can find the first three jewels, featuring beautiful tassels, in the previous blog post here.

Today, the first day of Autumn and celebration of Mabon, I introduce you two new pieces inspired by the Element Earth: the Earth's Heart necklace and the Rock's Soul earrings.

Both of them are one of a kind piece!


This statement necklace is an absolute one of a kind piece, because of the nature of the central stone, a green agate slice. Its name Earth’s Heart wants to celebrate the beating heart of our planet, made of “living rock” and water and greenery with vibrant colors. Our Earth is alive, and has a heart which we need to protect every day from us human beings. The shape, the shades and the dimension of this jewel, that has to be worn at the neck and on the chest (the central and most visible part of our body), they want to remind us that the Earth and all the Nature must be always considered at the centre of everything and before everything, must be protected and celebrated every day, because they’re our home, our past, present and future. Without them, we wouldn’t exist.

Brass - green agate slice - african turquoise - green aventurine


The Element Earth features a second jewel: a pair of dangle earrings with brass discs and drops of Crazy Lace Agate. These earrings too are one of a kind piece, because this kind of agate is always different and two identical stones will never exist. The agate, with its veins, reminds of some kind of rock and marble. They’re quite long but lightweight, they frame the face in a confident but elegant way, without obscuring the features. They’re inspired by the strong and resistant nature of the rock, and celebrate a fearless woman who is deeply tied to her land, to the Earth and to her Sisters, open to the world but ready to defend what she loves from every threat.

Brass - crazy lace agate

Find both of them in my online shop!

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