Ginkgo leaves jewellery: strength, hope and rebirth

April 22, 2019

 Ginkgo Biloba leaf necklaces


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Spring is flourishing again in London, bringing scented air, sunny days, rain showers, chilly wind and warm temperatures all at the same time! That’s the beauty of this amazing city that I can now call home.

With the coming back of this nice season, it’s time for my Leaf-Life collection to grow with new leaf jewellery pieces.

Also, yesterday was the Earth Day and what better time to celebrate the beauty and the strength of Nature?

In the last few months I received many requests for ginkgo biloba leaf earrings and necklaces. That’s why I thought that maybe it’s time to add this gorgeous tree to the collection :)


 Spring in London


Ginkgo leaves earrings 


Ginkgo is a wonderful tree, with fan-shaped leaves, sometimes divided into two lobes, native to China. Its leaves have a vivid green color that turns into a stunning yellow in Autumn. Its name in Chinese means "silver apricot".

Its history and symbolic meaning are very interesting!

Infact, ginkgo biloba tree is one of the oldest tree in the world, and it's the symbol of longevity, resistance and rebirth. Darwin called it “living fossil” because it's around since Jurassic and Cretaceous periods (it was there together with dinosaurs! Woa!). Each tree can live for over a thousand years!

Ginkgo is extremely resistant: it survived glacial eras, climatic changes, human beings and also the atomic bombs in Hiroshima in Japan, where some trees came back to life the following year, while they were apparently burnt. Those same trees are still living nowadays! Crazy, isn’t it?

For this very reason, for the Japanese people, this tree brings hope and is the symbol of the city of Tokyo.


 Ginkgo earrings


And here the three new jewellery pieces with the