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"The Universe Within" necklaces collection - ENG

After the end of the first lockdown in the spring of 2020, I often found myself exhausted, without any energies, scared, nervous, running after the days, trying to hold everything together and to keep a bit of mental sanity.

And yet, never before this crazy 2020 I realised ~ really realised ~ the incredible cosmos of energy and possibilities that hides within me ~ within all of us.

At one point, in this insane merry-go-round, something switched: slowly I began to understand something apparently banal: the awareness that, if some external circumstances don’t depend on us, there’s something else we have the power on, and that’s how we react to those circumstances, and that’s where the difference lies! It’s a small concept on a gigantic awareness, like a tiny door opening on the wide infinity of a starry galaxy.

(Please note: I said that it’s a banal concept, not that it’s easy to achieve. A deep work on yourself is needed, as long as the will to keep trying despite the difficulties and the failures)

So, with caution I entered that tiny door and started to look. To explore, listen, watch. To dig, search and look again. And slowly I really realised the dimension of this discovery: within me, you, all of us there’s a wide and unexplored universe, beating with an inconceivable power, a microcosm that reflects the glare of the infinite that we’re part of, and it’s within us! We’re part of it, and at the same time we bring it within us. We’re made of its same matter.

Thinking of it takes my breath away! Since I’ve started to notice it, I feel a bright magic beating within me, giving me all the vital energy to make something meaningful and important out of every single day. Allowing me to choose, always. And enjoy the ride. Helping me to love myself deeply, my shadows and my light. Giving me access to that precious source of power, energy, potential which is the cosmos within me. The Universe within.

That’s the “engine” that started a hard but beautiful path of discovery, that is slowly revolutionising every aspect of my daily life. And, of course, it also influences my work, inspiring this collection!

Actually, the seed of this awareness - and consequently of this collection - was already present in me long ago. It may have started to sprout when I moved to London from Italy, in the Spring of 2017, when I started to face a series of challenges that I’ve never had imagined to be able to face. The first pieces of this collection saw the light in the autumn of 2019, but as it often happens in my work, at that time I left them aside, because I was uncertain and I didn’t know which “place” to give them: at that time I hadn’t understood yet which part of me they came from.

Now that I know, I’ve finally found their place in my world, and that’s how I leave them to the external world. I do it with a bit of worry, the same you feel when you show someone else a very personal and intimate side of yourself, feeling exposed and vulnerable: but after all I’m certain that someone will see themselves in this same vulnerability, and will welcome what I’ve created 💖✨

So here they are, the first four pieces of the “The Universe Within” collection.

They can be made both in simple brass and in 22kt gold plated brass.

These necklaces are like talismans woven with ancestral energy and cosmic magic, that’s why I’ve chosen vibrant and intense gemstones: garnet, natural sunstone, jasper, lapis lazuli, iolite, roots of ruby, bamboo coral, and herkimer diamonds. I’m still not sure if I’ve chosen these stones, or if they chose to belong to these necklaces: who can say? I’ve been making jewellery for more than a decade now and I still don’t know how some mysterious dynamics of my job work ;)

You can find them in my online shop here!

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