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New blooms, Mother Nature 🌸 Two new springy jewellery capsule collections!

Two new floral inspired capsule collections of earrings and necklaces are now available: "May Rose" and "A Star is Born from a Flower" 💐🌿

Hello mid-May full of blooms and perfumes!

Here in London, spring has exploded, it seems we are in the middle of a "heat wave" 😅 (according to the English seasonal averages, 22-24 degrees in May are considered a "heat wave"), but for me it feels great: I fill my lungs with the scent of flowers and my eyes with the beauty that I find at every street corner. Walking with me in these moments becomes frustrating, I guess, because I stop every two steps to admire a bloom, to caress the bright petals, to smell the flowers that have just blossomed - but also the older ones that are slowly fading -, follow the flight of the industrious bees and enjoy their buzz as they become intoxicated immersed in the pollen, listen with reverence to every song of the birds among the foliage and the rustle of the leaves moved by the wind... and obviously take lots of photos and shoot videos to imprint every shape, nuance, sound in my memory. Told this way it looks like a scene from a Disney film, right? 😅 yet this is exactly what I do every time I'm outside, even when I'm late and I risk missing the bus or train!

Despite all this beauty that surrounds us this season and the awakening of nature, for many years now spring has been a moment of "crisis" and inner turmoil for me, where I often feel blocked and unmotivated. Of course, my creativity is also affected.

Does it happen to you too? Or do you feel regenerated and full of life in spring, like the nature around us?

Maybe that's why I tend to take refuge in the wonder of the blooms and look for beauty every time I step out of the house. Because Nature is a comfort, a balm that soothes every scratch and wound, whispers words of hope that console and make you feel part of a much larger, cyclical, pulsating whole. For a moment the mess inside me goes silent, and it seems to me that everything can adjust itself and fall into place, one step at a time. And then my soul calms down for a while and sighs with relief.

New capsule collections

To celebrate the wonder of this season, to thank Nature for the comfort she gives me and for the blessing of being part of her, I have created two new capsule collections that are like a song to the new blooms and to Mother Earth who awakens after the winter.

First, I present you the small series of unique pieces "May Rose": three pairs of earrings and two necklaces with resin flowers collected over the years, left in my boxes for a very long time because I could not convince myself to "let them go". I finally decided to create a dedicated frame for them in which to blossom. There are roses and water lilies, in shades of pink, together with semi-precious stones and glass components, in shades of green. I've always loved this colour combination very much 💕

Below, the May Rose capsule collection

And then there is a new small series of simple and delicate necklaces, which I called "A Star is Born from a Flower". Small stars in brass or silver accompanied by small stones and drops of gemstones, each associated with a flower 🌸 In my imagination, semiprecious stones are drops of dew that reflect the colour of the flower on which they are placed ✨

Below, you can find the name of each of them (heartfelt thanks to my dear friend Gloria - who is studying to become a floral designer and who is on Instagram as @gloria_naturelover - for helping me find the association with each flower and for providing me with the symbolic meaning of each of them 💖)

Below, the necklaces of the capsule collection A Star is Born from a Flower

Silver necklaces:

Drop of blue chalcedony and angelite stones: Delphinium

"Delphinium in the language of flowers indicates sincere, simple, open-hearted love, free from pettiness".

Drop of pink sapphire and ruby ​​root stones: Peony

“The Peony embodies love, affection and prosperity; moreover it is a symbol of honour, valor and nobility of soul. When it blooms, the plant is a symbol of peace. In the East its meaning changes: the peony is a symbol of nobility and refinement "

Amethyst (purple): Crocus

"The name of the genus (Crocus) comes from the Greek Kròkos (there is an explicit reference to this flower in Homer's Iliad - Book XIV, verse 347) which means "thread of fabric" and refers to the long stigmas clearly visible in the best known species of this genus (Crocus sativus). Even Homer names it when he describes the nuptial bed of Jupiter and Juno. Perhaps this is precisely the reason that links this flower to passion and sensuality ".

Brass necklaces:

Amethyst (purple): Crocus

See above!

Rose quartz: Lisianthus

"In the language of flowers the Lisianthus acquires the meaning of elegance and grace. In England it is known as the "Chariot of Venus", which is why it is attributed the message "fly with me". It is the ideal flower to declare oneself with a gesture of love”.

Yellow quartz and citrine quartz: Freesia

"According to the Language of Flowers, Freesia is, by virtue of its long duration, the symbol of friendship. Its flowers are so particular that they have also made it, since ancient times, synonymous with mystery, especially among the peoples of Southern Europe".

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