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English Oak leaf pendant, with tiny gemstone beads that seems like berries: dark red garnet, rust orange carnelian, poppy jasper.
Nickel free jewelry.


PLEASE NOTE: this item is MADE TO ORDER. Please allow about 3-5 weeks to make it.


You will receive: ONE necklace.


Chain total length: You can choose between about 65 cm or 45 cm (length of the chain when totally open)
Length of the leaf: about 3 cm (1.2 inches)


This could be the perfect gift for yourself or for a beloved person if you're looking for a nature inspired strength amulet. Infact, as I will explain better below, English Oak is a symbol of might and endurance. 

If you feel an inner deep connection with the Earth and Mother Nature, their seasons and gifts, then this is the ornament that you can keep with you all year long. The gemstone beads seem like tiny berries, fruit of our Earth. The leaf is a powerful symbol of the Nature that keep us alive producing oxygen for us to breath. 

This Earth tones necklace can be worn as an Autumn accessory, but its warm colors can stay with you for all the four seasons: just think about the embers in the fireplace or in the stove during Winter, or the precious honey in Spring, or the sunny soils in Summer. 


English Oak is a powerful symbol of might and endurance. Common feature in many mythologies, it’s associated with a wide range of deities such Zeus and Thor. Its Latin name 'robur' means “strength”. The Celts believed the Oak to be a tree of sacred knowledge. Today, the Oak is known to support more wildlife species than any other native tree. (source: “The little guide to leaves” by Quadrille Publishing, illustrations by Tom Frost).


IMPORTANT NOTE: The shape of each piece and the shades created by the flame on silver are slightly irregular since their handmade nature. 


This earth tones leaf amulet is handmade by me with the metal smithing technique, working the metal by hand.


This dark red, rust orange, gold and brown Autumn pendant is part of the "Leaf-Life" collection, inside the "Spirit of Earth" collection. 
The new “Leaf - Life” collection celebrates the vitality of Nature and the variety of colors and shapes with which it reveals itself on our Earth. The collection also wants to tell some of the believes and meanings that different cultures gave to some trees during the ages. 

Discover all the details of the "Leaf-Life" collection here:

CUSTOM ORDERS are welcome: together we can "build" the jewel perfect for you! Contact me and I'll be happy to help you.



VERY IMPORTANT: please, read very carefully all information BEFORE buying!
Thank you so much.

--> This is a complete handmade creation: any imperfection is due to its handmade nature and it increases its value.
--> This photo is just a representative one: because of its complete handmade nature, the item may SLIGHTLY change in colour and shape. 
--> The colors may sligthly vary because of your screen settings 

--> Feel free to contact me for any question.

Thanks for your visit!

English oak leaf pendant in brass and dark red-brown gemstones

PriceFrom £44.00

    Ready to ship pieces, I'll ship your order usually in 3/5 days (except festive days).

    Made to order pieces: they need more time because I make them from scratch, usually between 3-5 weeks: contact me for more information or if you need your order earlier: I'll do my best to help you.

    SHIPPING TIME: Shipping inside European Union may take between 7-15 business days; outside EU it may take about 10-25 days (maybe even before). In any case, it depends from Posts and from customs, and not from me.

    CUSTOM FEES: Some Countries may require a custom fees. I'm not responsible for the amount that the Custom may require to you.

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