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Star of the Winds

This capsule collection is inspired by the Northern Star + the Compass Rose, also known as windrose or rose of the winds. From here, the name: Star of the Winds. A combination of the symbol of the Compass Rose with 8 points, associated to sailing and navigation, and the Pole Star, which with her light would help seamen to locate the North and to orient themselves.

For this collection I wanted to gather the themes of travel, of exploration and adventure, always dear to me since I was a child. The Compass, a tool that is the symbol of the traveler. The wind, a restlessness pushing you to move, to discover wonders always new. The stars, whose light always draws my gaze to the night sky (exactly as the Moon does!), used by travelers since ancient times to orient themeselves.

This jewellery line is for you, wandering and restless soul, always dreaming of the next destination, the next discovery. And I’m speaking not only about new places to go, but also new things to learn and to be passionate about.

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