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Leaf - Life

The “Leaf - Life” collection celebrates the vitality of Nature and the variety of colors and shapes with which it reveals itself on our Earth, during all the seasons. The collection also wants to tell some of the believes and meanings that different cultures gave to some trees during the ages.

In particular, I’ve been fascinated by the following trees with their stories.

Sycamore: in some areas in Wales, people thought that this tree would keep the fairies at bay; Native Americans believed it was a tree of magic and mystery and they called it the “ghost of the forest”.

Horse Chestnut: Ancient Greeks associated it with Zeus, fertility, abundance and good fortune.

Silver Birch: it’s associated with the coming of spring. The Celts used birch twigs to drive out the spirits of the old year.

Ash: for the Vickings, the Ash was a sacred tree. They called it the “World Tree”. According to this culture, its roots reached down to the underworld and its branches up to the heavens.

English Oak: powerful symbol of might and endurance. Common feature in many mythologies, it’s associated with a wide range of deities such Zeus and Thor. Its Latin name robur means “strength”. The Celts believed the Oak to be a tree of sacred knowledge. Today, the Oak is known to support more wildlife species than any other native tree.

I also wanted to add some tropical leaves to the collection: with millions of extraordinary life forms, tropical forests gives me the image of the explosion of life and colors.

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