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Photos by Lorenzo Berni

About me

Hi there! I'm Maria, Italian girl from Milan, 34 y.o., living now in London, UK.
I make jewellery with the metal smithing technique, working the brass and sterling silver by hand, and then I match it with semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls and glass beads.

I've always loved crafts and handmade, since I was a child, and I never stopped. My art teacher from my primary school taught us many techniques, such as cross stitching, glass decoration with glass paints, working with clay, and many others... and thank to her I totally fell in love with crafting!
Growing up I went on crafting: I learned sewing cushions, and dresses for my dolls, I made bracelets with seed beads and then gave them as gifts to my friends, I made découpage, candles, I sewed ornaments with felt and fabrics... and so on! 

Then, in 2007, during my first year at university, I got into polymer clay and I started selling my jewellery. At that time I made jewellery with miniature food and cute characters such as penguins. 

Since then my style evolved a lot, and now here I am! 
Now I work mainly with the metal smithing technique: I make jewellery with metals, in particular with brass and sterling silver. I cut the metal in the shape I need, I hammer, darken with fire and finished it. Besides hammers and the flame I often use many other tools. Then I assemble the final piece.

Find out more about me and my story in this blog post!

"Every road is a ray of light"


About PetiteFraise Jewellery

My jewellery brings magic into the everyday. The pieces I design and make in my studio in London are dreamed by me and carefully crafted. Behind each piece there are passion, love, a big work of research and experimentation. Many of them are unique, one-of-a-kind or limited-edition pieces.

They are elegant and refined, with a magical, dreamy, sometimes witchy inspiration. They are like amulets and talismans both for the everyday and for special occasions.
They are inspired by the diversity of Nature and our Earth; by cosmos and universe; by our beautiful Moon; by different cultures, ancient and modern, all around the world. 

PetiteFraise is dedicated to wandering gypsy souls, to free spirited people who love experimenting, who cherish and wear jewellery pieces that are meaninful to them.
I love that, when people choose a PetiteFraise piece, they could feel magical and confident, and see the beauty they bring in themselves. Everyone deserve to see how special, magical and beautiful they are, and how precious our differences and uniqueness are.

What people say about PetiteFraise

If you want to read the reviews and feedbacks from my customers, have a look here!

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