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The Crafty Fox Market experience + the Bussey Rooftop Bar - 17/09/17

Me and my stall at Crafty Fox Market, 17/09/2017

Me and my stall at Crafty Fox Market, 17/09/2017

Happy Saturday!

As anticipated in my previous post, last Sunday 17th September 2017 I attended the Crafty Fox Market inside the CLF Art Cafe at the Bussey Building in Pechkam, London.

It was my first experience with a market in London and I was really excited!

It's been a beautiful day, filled by compliments, smiles and nice words. I'm so happy that my work has been appreciated and my handmade jewelry pieces adopted. Besides, I was surrounded by other talented artisans, artists and makers :)

I also had the opportunity to introduce some pieces of the new collections, you can spot some of them in the pictures below :) click on each photo to see it bigger!

Photos in the frames: by Berni Photography

Moon phases illustration in the frame: Lucia de Marco illustrazioni aka "Lucy_inthe_papersky" for PetiteFraise Jewelry

After the market, my partner Lorenzo and I decided to relax in the beautiful Bussey Rooftop Bar: the perfect place to chill and have a good beer with a stunning view of the City (you can see the Shard!)

(Click on each picture to see it bigger)

If you are around, don't miss it!

Thank you for reading! :)

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