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A renewed magic: 22 kt gold plated jewellery

If you follow me on Instagram maybe you read this post I wrote at the beginning of September: I was doing something that would allow me to do a big step forward with my work. Something a bit risky, but for us dreamers and gypsy soul, the risk of the adventure gives us the thrill of excitement, isn’t it?

Alright then, now it’s time to reveal you what I’m talking about!

From now on, some of PetiteFraise jewellery pieces will be available also with the 22 kt gold plating! Yes, it’s true: they will be even more unique and precious, and they’ll have a warmer tone than brass: 22 kt gold’s warm tone.

The company that did and will do the gold plating for me is one of the best in the UK, with a very high quality and professionality: I’m talking about the Elliot-Fitzpatrick. They also received a Royal Warrant in 2016, a proof of their high quality services.

You can see how I’m so happy and proud about this decision! It’s for sure a bit risky, because a quite big economic investment is needed. This means that, of course, the gold plated jewellery pieces will obviously have a higher price. But you know what? I’m sure that this is a big step forward for me and my job, and I’m totally sure that it will be acknowledged by those who follow and love my work.

One thing I learnt in these long years with a creative job, is this: everything has its right time. There are some ideas and projects that can take months or years, and now I know that it’s a process that need patience and acceptance. So, this is one thing that I dreamt for a long time, since I moved here in London, two years and a half ago. It’s something that will help PetiteFraise to grow, to keep walking along my path, towards new destinations and to keep dreaming bigger and bigger. Now I’m ready to launch it in the world. I leave the fear behind, a deep breath and I’ll do it: I’m sure the courage will repay me!

Important: this doesn’t mean that the simple brass (not plated) will disappear: for the moment I’ll keep both the options “simple brass” and “22 kt gold plated brass” (and in the future also “gold plated sterling silver” and maybe even “silver plated sterling silver”)

This is just the beginning of a big, slow revolution for PetiteFraise: next year will be demanding and full of changes, and I’m excited, happy and curious to know where this new journey will lead me.

Here below I show you some pictures of the new pieces both in simple brass before the plating, and after the 22 kt gold plating, so that you can start to see the difference (but please note that with a photo - and through a computer screen - it’s very difficult to convey the real colours and appearance of the jewellery).

Photo 1. Oak leaf necklace in simple brass with carnelian, jasper, golden hematite and citrine.

Photo 2. The same necklace after the 22 kt gold plating on the whole surface of the metal (including the chains, the wire and the clasps)

Photo 1. Left: Moon dangle earrings in simple brass, with black onyx and black spinel. Right: Moon single earring in simple brass with labradorite.

Photo 2. The same earrings after the 22 kt gold plating on the whole surface of the metal (including the chains, the wire, the pins and the butterfly closures).

You can already find them available and ready to ship in my online shop, in the section GOLD PLATED 22 KR.

What do you think about this news? Can’t wait to hear your opinion! You can contact me here.

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