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Earrings from the moon and the sea abyss: reticulated silver, black onyx, freshwater pearls

The silver that melts rippling under the incandescent breath of the flame is a love story I often talk about. On the blog I passionately told about it here and here, introducing the jewellery pieces I created with the reticulation technique.

It’s a technique that I periodically explore, and that I never get tired of, because it gives always different and unpredictable results. Sometimes, if you’re not careful enough in managing the flame, it may even happen that the silver completely melts, and what could become a small, unique treasure ends up being a mass of matter, unusable for the initial purpose (but recyclable, because with silver you can play unlimited times).

Today I officially introduce you two new pairs of earrings made with the silver reticulation. Like this kind of technique imposes, they are unique pieces, one-of-a-kind, and not replicable!

You can find them in my online shop, in the “Ready to ship” section.

Fragments of moon's surface. The silent view of the lunar landscape. Small meteorites coming from millions of light years away. A memento from space, a token from another galaxy.

An old trunk found on a ship wreck, encrusted with corals, broken shells and seaweeds. Some mermaid's ornament lost and found among the rocks, on that wild beach's end, brought there by the waves. A relic of a lost, antique love, from a blurry and forgotten past.

The rough, singular, irregular shapes and texture of these one-of-a-kind earrings make me dream about a thousand stories, whispered secrets and made up memories. They give me feelings of uniqueness and preciousness. The reticulation of the metal gives always different, wonderful results. That's what makes them one of a kind, and never reproducible. Exactly like the one who will wear them.

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